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Top 10 City Edition NBA Uniforms

For basketball fans, Christmas came twice this year. As a post-Christmas day present, Nike released their fourth and final installment of their uniforms series, the "City Edition". Inspired by team and city heritage, Nike's latest jersey series grabs from past,... Continue Reading →


Watch Beekeeper Demolish Enormous Yellow Jacket Nest

Not all heroes wear capes - but sometimes they do wear masks. Meet Jude Verret, a Patterson, Louisiana native who specializes in bee removal and beekeeping. This past Tuesday, Verret posted one of the most nail-biting, horrifying videos the internet... Continue Reading →

NFL 2017 Trade Deadline Most Active Ever?

During what is usually a relatively quiet time of year, this year's NFL trade deadline sent waves through the world of sports media. Wait, you mean all those "NFL Trades That Would Make Sense" articles actually mattered this year? Yes.... Continue Reading →

Facebook and Instagram Crash In Parts of US and Europe

Earlier this afternoon, Facebook and Instagram apps unexpectedly crashed for multiple users around the world.  According to the web tracker Down Detector, outage reports reached the thousands as users experienced a variety of issues. Some were greeted by a blank... Continue Reading →

Why Every Record The Killers Put Out Continues To Impress

Filled with poppy synth riffs, disco drum beats, and catchy vocal melodies, Wonderful Wonderful characterizes yet another solid outing from the Las Vegas-based indie rockers.

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