Not all heroes wear capes – but sometimes they do wear masks. Meet Jude Verret, a Patterson, Louisiana native who specializes in bee removal and beekeeping.

wtf hornet nest

This past Tuesday, Verret posted one of the most nail-biting, horrifying videos the internet has seen in quite some time. Footage captured by Verret’s GoPro reveals his insane attempt to dismantle a hornet nest the size of an entire shed.


Head of pest control company, Stinger Creations, Verret is tasked with the job of dismantling hornet and yellow jacket nests quite frequently, but never to the size of this.

“We got here, what I would say, is the grandaddy of hornets’ nests,” Verret comments as he surveys the insects’ monstrous creation.

how wasp nest

The nest engulfs nearly the entire shed – occupying the whole left wall panel, a series of screen windows, numerous metal rods, and even a basketball.

Verret admirably tries to narrate the sequence of events but is almost completely drowned out by the sound of thousands of yellow jackets buzzing around him. Wearing a white hazmat suit, a beekeeper’s mask, and yellow gloves, he finds five to six different “queen” hornets, and three different nesting hives, all at least the size of a mini shopping cart.

Reminiscent of a creation from Stranger Things’ “upside-down”, Verret methodically tears apart the nest with ease. After penetrating the nest’s outside shell with a shovel, he sprays insecticide on the entirety of the nest’s insides and throughout the shed. Verret then calmly grabs huge portions of the nest’s inner hives and tosses them into the yard.

Like I said, not all heroes wear capes.